A politician in Osun, Hon. Oyegbade Adebisi Abideen popularly known as Bisi Ilu, has expressed his surprise at what he termed ‘a malicious defamation of character’ by those he described as ‘leaders without conscience’.

Bisi Ilu was addressing pressmen at the National Assembly yesterday after he submitted a letter and an affidavit to the Senate President. In the letter, which was accompanied by an affidavit which he signed at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Bisi Ilu stated that the petition written against a certain Mr Raheem Muideen Olalekan who was nominated by President Muhammadu Buhari as the INEC Resident Electoral Commissioner (REC) from Osun in his name and with his permanent address, was neither written nor signed by him.
The politician who is a stalwart of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and a popular grassroot mobiliser in the Ayedaade-Irewole-Isokan Federal Constituency of Osun State stated that the only signature he had was the one he put on the affidavit he made at the Abuja court. He also put his fingerprint on the affidavit.
“I am a politician. I was well brought up and I follow God-fearing leaders in politics. My parents and my political leaders did not train me to pull others down. They taught me to be of good character in whatever capacity I find myself. I have never written a petition against anyone’s progress in all my life. More so, I do not know the said Raheem Muideen Olalekan. I have never met him and do not know anything about him, either politically or otherwise”, he declared.
“I have contacted my lawyers on this matter. And the first step they advised me to take is what I have just done today. I have approached a court in Abuja here to do an affidavit. I have also submitted a copy of the affidavit and a letter to the Senate President and the chairman of the Senate Committee on INEC, to clear my name in all of this”, he disclosed.
Asked whether he had anyone he suspected as the likely impersonator, Bisi Ilu who hails from Ikire, in Irewole Local Government Area of Osun State stated that he would not comment on the identity of the suspected impersonators for now, but that he might consider the possibility of seeking a legal redress over the matter. He disclosed that he was still making some consultations.
“Yes, I may. I have already briefed my political leaders. It is either the perpetrators of this only want to set my immediate boss against the presidency or they merely want to give me a bad name as an enemy of my state. But, whatever it is, I have instructed my lawyers to be on the standby. I am also carrying my family along because, I don’t know the next devilish plan of these enemies”, he concluded.

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