e4 realigns to create digital value segments and targets international opportunities


Grant Phillips  -  CEO e4 Hyde Park, Johannesburg. 30 October 2019 Photograph: John Hogg

Grant Phillips – CEO

Fintech specialist, e4, has announced an organisational redesign to create vertically focused value segments for its expanding client base. e4 CEO, Grant Phillips, says that the re-alignment allows the business to clearly articulate its broadened value proposition to its diversified client base.


With five main streams, one of which is e4’s flagship Proptech business, Phillips says that the second pillar, Regtech, will extend the company’s already growing digital solutions offering: “Our philosophy is around digital enablement and we focus less on trying to disrupt. We prefer to build solutions that enable us to partner with our clients, solving complex challenges that arise in this fast-developing digital landscape. Regtech, with a particular focus on digital onboarding and seamless UX, is an incredibly powerful part of that value creation we are driving.”


Part of this journey, according to Phillips, is the development of new digital platforms: “By facilitating omni-channel exchanges, we are able to expose a myriad of digital solutions that enhance both client and consumer experiences. With the evolution to “Everything as a Service”, we have identified a number of opportunities that play to our key strengths and platforming these capabilities will give us permission to expand our value creation into new segments. Using our biggest asset, data, we are focusing large amounts of resource into this space to ensure we are building environments that are scalable but more importantly, remove friction in the delivery of value.”


“We are also seeing the potential for our solutions offshore and we are embarking on a very targeted, international expansion this year. We have identified that a number of our local solutions can address challenges that are not unique to South Africa, making our solution relevance a lot broader than what we may have believed a few years ago.  After 18 months of research, we have identified certain capabilities within our existing product stack that will address international industry challenges in markets with exponential scale,” says Phillips.



About e4

e4 is a technology company specialising in digitalisation. By understanding the complexity of a digital journey, e4 partners with its clients to provide innovative solutions that suits their unique needs. Using an omni-channel platform approach, e4 offers a range of digitally-inspired services as well as solutions.


Working across financial services, data and the legal sector, e4 understands the intricate requirements in these sectors, and uses its expertise to assist clients in effectively managing their businesses through digitalisation.


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