Access Bank Threatens To Publish The Names Of It’s Delinquent Debtors In Two Weeks

In a statement released on thursday, Access Bank threatened to publish the  names  of all its delinquent debtors, this includes debtors of former Diamond bank.
Access bank said it is acting in line with a directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

“All Access Bank Plc (including former Diamond Bank Plc) debtors are directed to pay up their past due obligations in order to avoid punitive actions being taken against them,”
“Please note that we shall publish our debtors’ names in newspapers in two weeks.
“Similarly, in the event that these obligations are not fulfilled, we shall take such further actions against such delinquent individuals and companies as we may consider necessary and shall relentlessly pursue full recovery of all our debts.”
“Furthermore, all debtors will be sanctioned by the CBN and banned from participating in the Nigerian Foreign Exchange and Securities Exchange Markets and registered on the Credit Risk Management Systems (CRMS) Bureau as bad debtors making them, their directors and related entities illegible for any credit in the Nigerian Financial Markets.”

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